Birthday Bash

What a night! What a Birthday Bash!

There were Drummers from the Community Schools.  (video coming soon)  There were volunteers who have been serving Tree of Sharing for 30 years. There was a “spit and polished” Honor Guard from the Washington Air National Guard.

Chocolate Tree Cake
Let Them Eat Cake!

There were moving stories of the difference that Tree of Sharing has made in people’s lives. The Superintendent of Schools was there with a hearty endorsement of the great work of the volunteers of Tree of Sharing. The Boy Scouts were there. KREM TV was there represented by Laura Papetti and the Comptroller of KREM, Barbara Grant, who 28 years ago was responsible for establishing the relationship of KREM and Tree of Sharing.

The meeting was called to order by Sara Weaver who was on the original Outreach Committee of Westminster who came up with the idea of a Tree of Sharing that worked with agencies – instead of end users. And there were the volunteers. People who donated time to make the Birthday Bash possible; people who coordinate the mall sites and keep them staffed through the season; members of the board of directors who provide support and direction for the Tree of Sharing; all were there and have our sincere thanks.

30th Aniversary White Iced Cake
Let Them Eat More Cake!

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