Giving a Gift

During the Holiday Season

Pick up a tag like the one shown at any of our designated locations. Tags can be found at our tables in each of the participating malls (River Park Square, Northtown Mall, and Spokane Valley Mall) and at some businesses and organizations who make tags available to their employees on site.

A sample tag
A sample tag.

Once you have a tag, purchase the gift listed and bring it back to any of the three malls by the deadline shown on the tag.

On rare occasions when you are not able to find the requested gift, please bring the tag back and choose another tag if you desire. We also kindly ask that you please not take a tag unless you can also bring the gift back by the date indicated. If you lose your tag, contact the Tree of Sharing table at the mall where you picked the tag up and they will make a duplicate for you.

Outside of the Holiday Season

We also accept gifts or monetary donations outside of the holiday season. We are grateful to pass these on and make them available to our participating agencies.

Sometimes opportunities to donate present themselves spontaneously. You may be shopping and find a fantastic end-of-season sale on winter coats. You may come upon a truckload sale on socks. Sometimes you’ll run across a two-for-one sale on an item and you only need one. All these make great opportunities to assist Tree of Sharing throughout the year!

If you wish to donate out of season, please contact us to coordinate getting the item to us.

Organizational & Corporate Involvement

Approximately 20% of our tags are distributed through local businesses and organizations who make gift tags available to their employees on site. For more information on how your company can participate in this process, please use our Contact Us page.  Be sure to enter “Corporate Involvement” in the subject field.

If desired, you may also give a monetary donation.