Receiving a Gift

In order to receive a gift from the Tree of Sharing, please follow these steps:

  1. First go to the participating agencies list and find an agency that is appropriate for your situation.
  2. Click on their link, if available, and look for their contact person. It is only through these agencies that you can receive a gift. This is also for your sake and ensures confidentiality, so please do not be afraid to contact them.

For holiday gifts, the agencies establish their gift list by mid-October. If you have missed this deadline Tree of Sharing cannot benefit you at this moment, however you might try contacting these other charitable organizations: Toys For Tots, Salvation Army, or The Spokesman Review Christmas Bureau. In addition you may call 211 for a list of other charitable organizations active during the holiday season.

And please remember – all requests are confidential and we take great care that both giver and receiver remain anonymous.